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1777 James Richardson’s sing-a-long of Teribus

1777 James Richardson’s sing-a-long of Teribus

Cornet James Richardson had a grand occasion to celebrate during his time as Cornet in 1777 – the opening of the Drumlanrig Bridge bringing a convenient new way from the Tower Knowe to the Sandbed, rather than the old road which bogled its way over the Auld Brig over the Slitrig and then down Silver … Continue reading

  • There are lots of things that I wish I had known when I was younger and growing up in Hawick. One of these was that my Granny’s cousin had been the Hawick Cornet – a long time ago maybe, but a Cornet nevertheless. This blog explores his life, and starts to flesh out the stories of some of the many other Cornets who have raised the banner blue since 1703. And you will have to browse through the absolutely superb gallery of portraits of Hawick Cornets from 1890 JED Murray onwards which Lesley Fraser [of the photography shop in the Sandbed] has pulled together.

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