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1861 John Ferguson the first modern Cornet

There are two events which mark the beginning of modern Hawick – the introduction of knitting frames by Baillie Hardie in 1771, and the opening of the railway in 1849. [even though the railway only ran north to G***shiels and Edinburgh until the following year – “The Hawick branch of the North British Railway was … Continue reading

1706 the Two Hardies “wild a wee and ill to keep in order”

The Council had problems with the Common Riding in 1706 It started with the removal of George Scott from the council arising from his conduct towards the Town Clerk George Scott is discharged by the council of continuing any longer ane councillor, in respect not only of his going to bear some office in the … Continue reading

1779 James Ekron and his smokers cough

Always been intrigued by James Ekron – and his nickname “The Blast” First the very Biblical sounding name – Ekron is a city in Canaan. In very bible-literate times, it could be that the reference below in 1 Samuel 5:1 would be well known – it certainly would attract the attention of any young lads … Continue reading

1834 Robert Beck, Third Class Clerk

I thought I would push my census sources as far as they would go, to the 1841 census , with a fair chance that I would be able to pick up a 25-30 year old  ex-1834 Cornet Robert Beck. I thought it would be easy –  William Beck’s Stocking Shop is now clearly seen on … Continue reading

1836 Thomas Kedie the third Kedie Cornet

Thomas Kedie was a baker, living at Kirkstyle, east side at the head of Silver St. The Exchange Bar is probably Victorian, but the houses look older as you go towards the church. However, they are on the West side, not the East side where Cornet Kedie was living. The 1824 Woods Map is only … Continue reading

1841 George Turnbull and the Auld Grey Yaud

Cornet George Turnbull, aged 21, was living in Allers Bank with his father John, a 43 year old “Seedsman Sp Dealer” in the census record – presumably an abbreviation for “Seedsman and Spirit Dealer” “Hawick Place Names” gives Allers Crescent being built in 1841 – after which the area looked like this But at the … Continue reading

1852 Robert “London” Laidlaw the Loan cowboy

Robert Laidlaw’s cousin William Laidlaw had been the Cornet in 1838.They would have known each other – their granny lived at 17 Loan with Robert’s family as a widow when William was Cornet, so he would have visited. There were several Laidlaw families in Hawick at the time – hosiery manufacturers in Teviot Crescent, grocers … Continue reading

1851 John S Elliot lived up the Loan

John S Elliot, aged 21, lived at 2 Loan, north side, east end, with his elder brother William Elliot , aged 36. He was a Joiners Apprentice, possibly to William, a joiner. William’s wife Helen, 29 from Hobkirk, had given birth to another son Robert aged 2 months at the time of the census. Also … Continue reading

1919 Thomas G Winning back from the War

Cornet Tom Winning with Acting Father Charles Grieve dancing the reel at the Volunteer Park Games on Friday 6 June 1919, celebrating the first Common Riding after World War 1. Technically, the War wasn’t yet over -the Treaty of Versailles wasn’t signed until after the Common Riding on the 28th June; and the national Peace … Continue reading

I never knew that my granny’s cousin was the Cornet

There are lots of things that I wish I had known when I was younger and growing up in Hawick. One of these was that my Granny’s cousin had been the Hawick Cornet – a long time ago maybe, but a Cornet nevertheless. This blog explores his life, and starts to flesh out the stories … Continue reading