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1836 Thomas Kedie the third Kedie Cornet

Thomas Kedie was a baker, living at Kirkstyle, east side at the head of Silver St.

The Exchange Bar is probably Victorian, but the houses look older as you go towards the church.
However, they are on the West side, not the East side where Cornet Kedie was living.

The 1824 Woods Map is only a little earlier than Cornet Kedie in 1836 – and shows buildings on the east side – and one is clearly marked “R Kedie” so this must be his house. Long gone, it lies along the far bank of the Slitrig underneath the Corn Exchange, which became the Kings Picture House, and then the Heritage Hub.

The R Kedie would be Robert Kedie.
In 1836, Cornet Thomas was 20, a baker, living with his father Robert Kedie, 45 a baker, mother Jennet [50] and brother William 18 draper, and sisters Mary 20, Jennet 16, Mary 13, Jean 9; and Robert Rondsen another baker.

and going forward, brother William stayed in the house and prospered becoming a “Woollen & Linen Draper (Firm of Two employing 16 hands)” with several of the assistants staying in the house. Cornet Thomas’s father is still a baker employing 1 man, and there are “Bakers Daughters” and grandaughters in the house, but no ex-Cornet Thomas Kedie, and he soesn’t seem to be anywhere else in Hawick.

I haven’t yet tried to follow what happened to Thomas after 1841,
but looking back, he wasn’t the first Cornet Kedie, Baker – he was the third Kedie, Baker to be Cornet, and the second Thomas Kedie, Baker

1737 John Kedie, baker
1766 Thomas Kedie, baker
1836 Thomas Kedie, baker

and we find in the OPR Burial records for Hawick
Sep 10, 1831 Mary Scoon, spouse of Deceased Thomas Kedie, Baker
May 14, 1832 Walter Scoon, shoemaker, Kirkstylefoot

It could well be that this 1776 Thomas is 1836 Thomas grandfather – the dates would just fit.
Thomas born 1756 say, could have died at any time – but say he was 60, so 1816.
Mary Scoon his widow might have been 10 years younger than her husband, so born 1766 – and 65 when she died in 1831.
Here I am making a linkage -which may or may not exist – with Walter Scoon dying in Kirkstylefoot less than a year later, to suggest that the Kedies had been in and around Kirkstyle for quite some years.

If 1776 Thomas had died in say 1816, then a Kirkstyle house could have passed on to his son Robert [born 1791]  in good time for Wood to label the house as R Kedie’s when he published his map in 1824.

To add to my “things I must do” list:

  • obtain and read  Charles John Wilson and James Edgar’s biography in the Hawick Archaeological Society’s Transactions of 1921 on Kedie, Robert baker 1791-1869. Then all , no doubt, will become clear.
  • and the article in the Transactions in 1951 on the Kedie family tree

About Neil Wallace

Born in the Haig Maternity, lived in Dovemount Place, and started school there at Trinity. To Burnfoot Primary then the High School. Moved away from the town to Cardiff, then Edinburgh, and now an exile in Suffolk.


2 thoughts on “1836 Thomas Kedie the third Kedie Cornet

  1. This Thomas Kedie (married Mary Fraser) was son of Robert Kedie (and Janet Forsyth) who in turn was son of Thomas Kedie the earlier Cornet. All were bakers

    Posted by Enid | June 16, 2011, 12:12
    • Many thanks – it is really helpful to be able to piece together families, and the Kedies were around for quite some time in Hawick so the number with the same name quickly mounts up. Having the maiden name of their wives is a great help.


      Posted by Neil Wallace | June 16, 2011, 22:01

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