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1851 John S Elliot lived up the Loan

John S Elliot, aged 21, lived at 2 Loan, north side, east end, with his elder brother William Elliot , aged 36. He was a Joiners Apprentice, possibly to William, a joiner.

William’s wife Helen, 29 from Hobkirk, had given birth to another son Robert aged 2 months at the time of the census.

Also in the house as a House Servant lived Helen Smith, William’s niece, aged 17 and born in Jedburgh; and William Robson a 17 year old lodger – Writer’s Clerk [a solicitors clerk] born in Lilliesleaf.

[10 years later in 1861, William and Helen are still there, and Helen has another new baby William R Elliot 1 month, along with Helen T 8, Peter S 7, Janet B 5, Elizabeth 3.
Robert should have been there as a 10 year old, but isn’t – and there is a new servant 16 year old Elizabeth Romanes from Ettrick, and a new lodger Crosbie Bowie from Hawick, an unmarried agricultural labourer. ]

John S Elliot has gone – and I can’t find him in the 1861 Hawick Census, so he may have moved from the town.

As an 11 year old though, he was living in the north side, east end of 2 Loan [there were other families living in the ‘back house’ of ” Loan] with his father Robert Elliot [a slater, aged 50 in 1841], and 20 year old Jane Elliot, presumably his sister.
But 26 year old William is not listed in the house , nor his wife Helen, nor John’s mother.

The Loan surveyed 1858, North side at top

Census Information from http://www.maxwellancestry.co.uk


About Neil Wallace

Born in the Haig Maternity, lived in Dovemount Place, and started school there at Trinity. To Burnfoot Primary then the High School. Moved away from the town to Cardiff, then Edinburgh, and now an exile in Suffolk.


2 thoughts on “1851 John S Elliot lived up the Loan

  1. John Scott Elliot left Scotland prior to 1861 and settled in Culross Teeswater Ontario . He had a daughter Janet who married David Donaldson also from Culross Teeswater. John was my great great grandfather. I have a 50th anniversary medallion that he received when visiting Hawick in 1911 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his ride of 1851.

    Posted by David Jackson | August 13, 2013, 02:07
    • I am appalled at the length of time it has taken me to reply to your information – so many Scots emigrated! But maintained close links with home. I have letters written back to Lanark from my G G G etc full of queries after this person and that person, and relating how they had met so and so who was the cousin of a friend of theirs at home. Great that he was back in 1911 – that must have been quite a trip! And such a Hawick name – I am just back from a trip to the Flanders battlefields, and the (English) guide happened to be married to a Hawick girl, the daughter of a John Scott

      Posted by Neil Wallace | August 21, 2013, 20:34

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