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Neil Wallace

Born in the Haig Maternity, lived in Dovemount Place, and started school there at Trinity. To Burnfoot Primary then the High School. Moved away from the town to Cardiff, then Edinburgh, and now an exile in Suffolk.
Neil Wallace has written 22 posts for Hawick Common Riding Cornets

1919 Thomas G Winning back from the War

Cornet Tom Winning with Acting Father Charles Grieve dancing the reel at the Volunteer Park Games on Friday 6 June 1919, celebrating the first Common Riding after World War 1. Technically, the War wasn’t yet over -the Treaty of Versailles wasn’t signed until after the Common Riding on the 28th June; and the national Peace … Continue reading

I never knew that my granny’s cousin was the Cornet

There are lots of things that I wish I had known when I was younger and growing up in Hawick. One of these was that my Granny’s cousin had been the Hawick Cornet – a long time ago maybe, but a Cornet nevertheless. This blog explores his life, and starts to flesh out the stories … Continue reading